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I help people move forward in life and in business. 

I believe that with coaching we can get there faster and iin a more grounded and stable way. I have been doing this for quire some time. I don;t heavily adertise of market as perhaps like you, I do not resonate with 90% of the coaching industry. Most of my clients have come through referalls from peplee who have experince of working withh me or wh

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My Story

I live a very simple and very peaceful life. I take steps to ensure my peace. It is incredibly important to me, those steps might look like boundaries, saying no, making informed and good decisions, aligning with my soul and interests. I have a small circle and I am private by nature. I like freedom and independence, I like having fun and travelling, I like proprty and building, the seaside and gardens. 

Prior to this, I was always chasing my tail, consumed with work, in unhealthy relationships, low self confidence and self esteem and found myself in suppressed enevironments with many attempts by others to inetrefer in y path and in my life, to block my success and . Now my reactitviy is less, some might see it as weak, but ittakes incredibel strength to not react to injustice externaly - real justice is foudn within., when it no longer consumes yo, no matter how wrong, unfair, unuts and abusive. I bleiev that wrongs will be made right but teh justice might nt come in the way that you thought it would or woudl like it o - 

I have experiences a number of traumas and know what it is like to have a nervous sytems that is out of whaack. I worked hard to rid this trama from my cells. 

I am one of the most qualifies meditation teachers, with 2,000+ hours of traiing, years fo stdy and thousands of students. This wa snot in your tyical 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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