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CREation Property Network - Wellness Programme

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

CREation Property Network was established for young graduates to have access to live in-person networking events. Due to Covid 19 events were paused and I was approached by CREation to design and deliver what was initially a 6 week bespoke coaching and wellness programme to meet the needs of their members. This was extended to 12 weeks due to on-going challenges from COVID - 19.

‘CREation property network was set up to provide live in-person networking experiences, where those starting their careers could meet and mingle with those in the same boat and even those already established in the real estate industry. The purpose is simple and that is to provide fun, free events where connection and community are at the fore. To continue this online and to be able to provide this support to our members has been invaluable. We have known and worked with Niamh for a long time, her coaching style and the way in which she approaches sensitive topics, combined with a deep understanding of the industry has been a great combination and we hope to continue to see our members benefit.  ’- Rosanna Lawn, Co- Founder, CREAtion Property Network.

‘We have built a community where members come not only for professional development and networking but for a sense of connection and we want to make sure that it is retained and they are supported at this time. Partnering with Niamh and her corporate wellness company and developing a bespoke programme aimed at supporting the mental health of all CREation members was of vital importance to us, so that our members feel that support and can continue to connect with each other.’’ – Harri John, CREation Co -Founder.

The feedback has been great so far with many members logging on to take part in group calls and coaching sessions and availing of online wellness classes.

‘The coaching sessions have been a great way to connect with the other members at this time and also to learn more about how to navigate these complex times.’ Camilla D’Aguilar

‘After a long and fairly stressful day I am now going to do the meditation and mindfulness video—I have found them really helpful and relaxing, I feel a greater sense of calm after each one, thank you very much!’ , Lucy Whittick.

'The online wellness series had a focus on coaching, wellbeing, stress management, group coaching and online meditation and mindfulness sessions. The programme was open to all CREation members and it was great to see returning faces each week and to assist in the personal and professional development of some of the great minds of the industry, and the future of the built environment'- Niamh Keane.

If you would like to know more about our corporate coaching and wellness programmes, you can get in touch with us here

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